Lazy Debby

I suppose this weekend was just what I needed. A constant rain pretty much kept us inside thanks to tropical storm Debby..

It was a perfectly lazy rainy weekend. There was a lot of this going on:

Saturday we did manage to get out to the grocery store. That was the big event of the day. That and making rice krispy treats:

That’s one way to get the marshmallows in the pot.
Eats of the day:

Fruit and cereal over Greek yogurt for breakfast.

Salad for lunch.
And a Pinterest find for dinner. Portabello cheese steak sandwiches

Delicious! Oh and some rice krispy treats of course.
Sunday started out with another rice krispy treat for breakfast.

Then more lazing around. Veggies and dip for lunch:

We ventured out this evening to get some yummy pizza at Cappy’s.  Such a fun place with Trivia Pursuit cards on the table:


Love their pizza:

It’s Sunday night, still raining, and I’m sure there are going to be a few more rice krispy treats consumed before the night is over. Ahhhh…perfection!

The Guy Cooks Steak

The man made dinner tonight!! He’s good at breakfast, grilling, and deep-frying turkeys. He also made a pretty good salad. Thanks J!

Steak, salad, and half a cranberry orange whole grain muffin on the side and a glass of cab. I’m a happy girl.

This morning started out with the Magical Breakfast Cream at my mom’s, I spent the night there last night. She didn’t like it so much. I think Greek yogurt may take some getting used to. We had a great morning, lounged in our jammies, drinking coffee and watching Julie and Julia. Great movie!

Lunch was a turkey samich and cucumbers before heading into work:

I worked for a few hours and came home to my steak dinner. Now I’m sitting on the couch, relaxing.

Julie and Julia inspired me. I’d like to do a blogging project like that, any ideas?